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About Us
After working in the industry since 2014, we decided to bring our activities under one brand, PMT Ventures, in a unified effort to help the projects of the future.

We support early stage projects around the world grow into global players. We believe strongly that the Blockchain sector will be a one of the most utilized technology’s of the future.

Advising - Tokenomics Strategy

We frequently find projects that acquire minute experience in the fundamentals.Part of the success of any project is the proper coordination of events, this includes milestones, interviews, cap details, bonuses, allocations and much more. We are able to assist with tokenomics to ensure the best outcome for your token model.


We believe influencers were left in the market of 2017 & our vision is to help guide our partners and  blockchain projects that have solid fundamentals achieve success via our community of enthusiasts and influencers with. With our in-house specialist content and digital marketing team and our credible community of loyal followers on telegram & twitter, we are able to help get your message out there. Our social media channels are some of the most engaged in the industry. We believe in building loyal communities thus adopting a credible marketing strategy attracts long term investors & mid/high tier investors.


The most rewarding aspect of our work has come from the relationships we have forged. Through our many endeavors we have collaborated with the most brilliant minds in the industry. The friendships we hold are invaluable and are vital to the success of our business and our projects. The network we have can be taken advantage of to maximize your reach.

Capital Deployement

Our backing has led to massive value and wealth creation along with groundbreaking achievements in blockchain technologies. PMT’s commitment allows for projects to achieve maximum success.

Roadmap Pitstop Assistance

PMT doesn’t just stop at investments. We help communicate with your current followers to help turn the public into curious and avid fans of your project.

Secondary Market/Exchanges

Contacts towards tier one exchanges are vital within the industry – we’re able to get you the best service providers with close ties to top tier exchanges. 

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